Cake Flavors

Vanilla sponge with white chocolate ganache*

Salted caramel with caramel filling and vanilla buttercream*

Red Velvet sponge with Italian meringue buttercream*

White chocolate sponge with chocolate sauce and vanilla buttercream *

Chocolate and vanilla marble cake with vanilla buttercream*

Carrot cake with cream cheese filling and vanilla buttercream

Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and chocolate buttercream

Strawberry sponge cake with strawberry filling and vanilla buttercream*

Lemon cake with blueberry filling and vanilla buttercream

Banana cake with milk chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream

We also offer vanilla sugar cookies decorated with fondant or royal icing.

Mousse shots 

White chocolate raspberry mousse*

Neapolitan mousse

Nutella and strawberry mousse*

Cake pops

Red velvet, vanilla, chocolate and lemon

*  This is one of our best seller and most requested.